About us

SLAB is run by the entrepreneur and structural engineer Lars Lundgren, who has been working with mobile mast extensions since the year 2000. The company’s business idea is to offer its customers customized mobile masts in order to facilitate the extension of the mobile network and thereby improve mobile coverage throughout Sweden. SLAB is a full-service provider, offering its customers everything from calculations and mast sizing to customized solutions including project planning. The company works together with qualified partners within the calculating and manufacturing industries.

Our strategic partners

Dala Mast & Mobilinstallationer AB (DMMI)

DMMI - Dala Mast & Mobilinstallationer AB

Our strong partner for antenna mounting

DMMI has many years of experience in the telecom industry in Sweden and abroad and offers its customers the construction and installation of masts and towers, roof sites and other buildings such as chimneys and water towers, flagpoles with antenna systems and base stations.



Enstaberga Cementgjuteri AB

Our strong partner for concrete foundations

Enstaberga Cementgjuteri has been a supplier of concrete products since 1920 and is 100 % privately owned. The company provides contractors, construction sites, farms and private individuals with ready-mixed concrete as well as precast concrete products, tool rental and assistance in construction projects.


Mugler AG

Mugler AG

Our strong partner for TECRYL® concealment products and solutions

Tecryl® (registered trademark of MUGLER AG) is a special material developed by Mugler AG used for antenna concealment. Tecryl® is optimized for the frequency range of radio waves, which can penetrate this material almost without loss. Shape, color and structure are almost completely customizable to ensure full incorporation of modern radio equipments in the cityscape or landscape.


Tau Beräkning

Tau Beräkning

Our strong partner for calculations

Tau Calculation performs engineering calculations to ensure product safety and quality, reduce development times and to complete testing. The company has extensive experience working with the calculation and simulation in solid (FEM) and fluid dynamics (CFD).